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Phantom City

Text-based RPG in a

Cyberpunk City.

It's now the year 2087. Contrary to many people's fears, artificial intelligence still serves humans as their masters. However, it does not serve all humans equally.

The AI that oversees this city serves only the former chairman, who entered cryosleep more than a decade ago. The city is a means to his resurrection and eternal life, a vast coffin. The people are merely resources being consumed for this phantom.

Legion Master : Idle RTS Game: 앱 소개

Tower of Winter

Text-based roguelike RPG in a hauntingly dark fantasy world.

For decades, the harsh winter persists, forcing people to rely on a blend of magic and steam technology to survive. However, their plight is becoming increasingly desperate. The source of the endless winter is rumored to reside within a tower at the northernmost point of the continent.

Legion Master : Idle RTS Game: 앱 소개

Legion Master

Epic legion strategy battle game. Build your own legion!

Commander, it is time to defeat evil enemies! Build your own legion with dozens of units in tactical formations! Recruit heroes with special skills to lead battalions! You can collect rewards and armies even if not engaging it!

Legion Master : Idle RTS Game: 앱 소개


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